FAQs and Tips

Q. What is a ‘repairable’ chip?

— A chip is usually repairable if it’s smaller than a half dollar. — (Remember those?)

Also, we consider a chip repairable only if it’s located out of the driver’s direct view and doesn’t go to the edge of the glass.


Q. Why should I get a windshield chip repaired?

— Repairing a chip stops it from spreading and makes it look a lot better.


Q. What’s the cost?

— Most repairs are $60.

Replacement windshields range anywhere from about $200 on up.


Q. What is the lifetime of a repair?

— Our repairs are guaranteed to hold for as long as you own your vehicle.


Q. How long does it take to repair a chip?

 — A single-chip repair takes about 30-40 minutes.


Q. What can I do before my appointment to keep the chip from cracking out?

— Stay out of direct sunlight when it’s hot.

— Defrost S-L-O-W-L-Y when it’s cold.


Q. What else can I do?

— Put a piece of clear packing tape over the chip on the outside of the glass.

The tape won’t stop the chip from spreading, but it will keep it clean and dry until repaired


Q. What do I save by fixing a chip?:

  • The Factory Seal – Factory windshields don’t leak.

  • Money – Our repairs are a fraction of the cost of a new windshield.

  • The Earth – We’re keeping tons of broken windshields out of landfills..


Q. Why fix a chip right away?

  • Chip is still small.

  • Chip isn’t contaminated with dirt, soap, wax, etc.


Q. Why do windshield chips spread?

  • Hot defroster  on a cold windshield.

  • Cold water on a hot windshield.

  • Chip being close to the edge. – (within 3-4 inches)

  • Pressure, such as from a car wash.

  • Slamming the door with the windows up on a hot day.


When NOT to fix a chip:

  • When the damage is larger than a half dollar.

  • When the crack goes to the edge of the glass.

  • When the chip is directly in front of the driver or passenger.


Q. Why call the ‘KA-WHACK!!’ guy – (Jim’s Mobile) and not somebody else?

— Here’s why:

  • Experience – 20-plus years’ worth. I do the best-looking repairs around.

  • All of our repairs are guaranteed — lifetime, money-back .

  • We handle all insurance paperwork.

  • We come to you – mobile service to your home or work.